Stefan Karpiniec


Occasional Composer

  I write and arrange music for (among others) student orchestras, choirs, classroom use and miscellaneous ceremonial occasions.
  Published works currently available are:
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Little Blue Train (student string orchestra) midi sample
Big Red Bus (student string orchestra) midi sample
Two Aussie Folk-Songs (student string orchestra) midi sample
Short Suite (student string orchestra) midi sample

The above pieces have optional viola/3rd violin parts, and work satisfactorily without double bass. They are available from:
Middle C Associates Pty. Ltd.,
P.O. Box 1789
Victoria 3220

Gypsy King (violin and piano)
Night Piece (violin and piano)
Pseudoblues (violin and piano)

These pieces may be found in the Australian Music Examination Board's Series 6 Violin Books (grades 1, 3 & 5 respectively), distributed by Allans Publishing Pty. Limited. Details of AMEB publications may be found at


Interlude from Five Dances for MT-32 (mp3 file)

AMEB violin candidates needing biographical information about me may find it by clicking here.

For information on the Polish branch of the family (in Polish) click here.

I live in Hobart, Tasmania.
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