Stefan's Free Sheet Music

Here are some pieces composed or arranged by me that may interest you - they are acrobat files (some have a midi file with them). Please note that I retain the copyright of this music, but feel free to use it - drop me an e-mail with your opinions!

Some of these .pdf files may appear a little "blocky" on screen, and some text may be missing, but they should print out satisfactorily.

CHORAL MUSIC: This is a small selection of some of the pieces I have written or arranged for the Tasmanian Chorale.

Summer Carol - an Australian Christmas carol (words by Gillian von Bertouch) - mp3 file

Autumn Morning at Bunyip (words by Gillian von Bertouch)

Greenland Fishery - a folk song setting that tells the story of an unsuccessful fishing trip.

Christmas Lament (on a purloined theme) - for when you have sung too many carols on street corners! (midi file) Here is an mp3 of a performance by Jigging Alice, a vocal quartet from Bristol in the United Kingdom. This performance was recorded in the Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol.

Jingle Bells (arrangement) - the trouble is that they want you to sing it! I found a couple of extra verses, which I presume are original. Here is an mp3 of this arrangement, sung by the Tasmanian Chorale directed by Elizabeth Eden. Here's a video performed by Rondo Histriae from Croatia (with altered lyrics).

Winter Wonderland - the swing "Christmas" song by Richard Smith & Felix Bernard - in keeping with the tradition of "Jingle Bells" the text has nothing to do with Christmas at all! This work is in the public domain in Australia and New Zealand. Residents of other countries are advised to check its copyright status there before downloading this arrangement. Here's a video of a performance by Voices of Heaven in Pisa, Italy.

O Tannenbaum - arrangement

Deck the Halls - arrangement. This video is of a performance by Voices of Heaven in Pisa, Italy.

On Christmas Night - arrangement

Advance Australia Fair - Australia's national anthem

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (arrangement)

O Little Town of Bethlehem (arrangement of the L H Redner tune)

Hanging Johnny - a halliards shanty



Jig O'Doom - a short trio (SAT) for competent players - play it as fast as you dare! (midi file)

Teddy Bears' Picnic - an arrangement (SATB) of the classic by John W Bratton - moderate difficulty. Parts - soprano, alto, tenor, bass.


Lullaby for Alice - in 1992 I wrote four short pieces for the Australian Music Examination Board's Series 6 Violin Grade Books. This piece (for preparatory grade) is the one they didn't use! (separate violin part)

Advance Australia Fair - a string adaption of Australia's national anthem - suitable for a school group. Parts - violin1, violin 2, viola, cello/bass.

Kimigayo - the national anthem of Japan - suitable for a school group. Parts - violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello/bass.

GUITAR MUSIC: Two short pieces based on the blues - to be played with a swing feel. They must be easy - even I can play them. The tablature may not appear on the screen, but should print correctly. Let me know if it doesn't.

Jam for Josh - written for one of my ex-students at Bridgewater High School

Lazy Blues - like the name says

West Wind - a guitar trio

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